Friday, December 23, 2011

Tis the night before Christmas Eve... by Iris Gillon

.... it was the night before Christmas Eve and not a sound in the house... the neighborhood is quiet... but no crickets tonight...

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... what a crazy busy day it was today. So many last minute wedding calls. Who knew that the night before Christmas eve so many would be calling to plan their nuptuals and fabulous parties and receptions... but dring... dring... dring... the phones were ringing and tip tap tip tap the emails entering my box... tip tap... tip tap...

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Drizzle on my window sill... as I look back at my day....
We fixed the leak in the hose in the back yard today, plumber saved the day.
Then the phones didn't work, we lost signal to the fax phone and then to my main line. Computer guy came and saved the day!

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Then I forgot to eat dinner.
Then I forgot to stop typing answering emails till my fingers hurt...

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And then... it's time to close up shop... but here it is at 12:45am in the morning and I'm typing a blog when my fingers can barely move.

Time to say night night...

Today was another great day!

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