Monday, December 19, 2011

The ESSENCE Band by Iris Gillon IGMC

Jill from ESSENCE is the most fabulous singer in the NY Tri state area! Check out her website and her fabulous band ESSENCE and look at the videos page to see the incredible performances of every musician in her band!

Having been featured in almost every popular magazine, tv show, radio show and more, Jill from ESSENCE is taking over the entire country and people are standing in line trying to get Jill and her band to perform at their wedding or their corporate dance party.

Please visit The ESSENCE Band website to learn more, to read, to listen, to hear and enjoy the amazing ESSENCE BAND! The ESSENCE BAND for an amazing dance and party experience!!!

Meet Eddie and Jill - lead vocalists of The Essence Band!
Brother and Sister, having sung together from the cradle,
the harmonies and in-sync vocals are unmatched by those
of any other band. Meet EDDIE and JILL from The Essence Band!

To Book the ESSENCE Band for your next event call Iris Gillon at 201-836-6085

or 212-765-8714

or Email Iris at

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